Pet Sitting

A safe place while you’re away!

Pet Sitting

While you are away, your pet/s are cared for in the comfort of their own home. They are fed the same food, out of the same bowl, at the same time, and all in the comfort of their own secure environment.

Additional benefits:

  1. Your pet’s are not stressed from being in a strange environment.
  2. Your pet’s are not needlessly exposed to unknown viruses.
  3. Your home is still protected by your pet.
  4. While you are away your home still looks to be occupied as the pet sitter comes and goes. Newspapers are picked up, mail is brought in, and lights can be rotated on and off to give the appearance that your home is still occupied.

House Sitting is also available on a limited basis. While you are away, we will stay over night in your home as an additional comfort for your pet and security for your home.